Redefine Your Impossible

I admit I have been neglecting my blog writing. Not that anyone reads this to begin with so I guess all is forgiven. let's see 2017 has been a roller coaster ride, both personally and professionally. This year I've seen my highest of highs professionally and my lowest of lows personally. This has been what you could call a "defining" year for me. Lots and lots of defining...LOL

As this year winds down, I ran across a quote (Yes I can be a quote junky, it at times inspires me when I have nothing but the paint on my fingers and the canvas in front of me. you can quote me on that lol) now where was I?

"I believe in redefining my impossible" - Nike

The theme for 2018 will be just that. I am going to work hard to redefine my own 'impossible', to push through those fears, doubts, and set-backs. I'm going to continue to challenge myself as an artist and as a person. One thing I have learned is that life is so short, it's okay to be happy, and to live the life you only dared dream possible.

So cheers to 2017, I hope to never forget your bittersweet ride, but I must move on with 2018.

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