The Proverbial Leap

It was 3 years ago that I decided to take that proverbial leap. The one where you’re standing on a cliff’s edge looking down at the aqua blue water below…thinking to yourself what the hell am I doing? Then remembering that in fact you really didn’t know what you were doing.

A million thoughts run through your head at the same time. “I can’t do this.” “What if I don’t make it?” “I’m not very good.”

But then you start to wonder… What if I do?” “I could be great.” “I CAN DO THIS.”

And you take that deep breath, close your eyes, and jump.

You feel that rush that you did it, you actually did it, and with your new found confidence you keep testing yourself. Until you get to a point 3 years later that you feel like you have pushed yourself as much as you can. What now? I can’t stop…

This is the part where you realize you need help to push you to that impossibly high cliff your legs don’t seem to be able to climb alone. As independent and resourceful as you like to think you are, the truth is everyone needs a tribe, a network of people there to support you. No matter what the support is, they will keep you going when you want to quit, they will push you to that edge, they will test you, they will frustrate you, they will inspire you.

Despite my life motto being “If I need the moon, I’ll bring it down myself.” Here I am seeing that cliff off in the distance, knowing I need another proverbial leap. This is where I am, searching for my tribe.

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